A special message from Interim Superintendent Grenita Lathan

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The HISD family is heartbroken by images of young children being separated from their parents at the border. Children seeking asylum should not have to go through the trauma of being separated from their parents, especially after fleeing a violent or unstable situation in their home countries. We work with children every day, and we know how instability, stress and loss can impact a child’s ability to learn and develop. The district recognizes the importance of children remaining with their families and we urge federal officials to reunite families that have been separated. As HISD stands by these families, we also want to take this opportunity to reassure our students and parents that the district remains committed to providing a quality education to EVERY student – regardless of their immigration status.

3 thoughts on “A special message from Interim Superintendent Grenita Lathan

  1. Jessica Vasan

    Thank you for your message of support to our students and families, Dr. Lathan.

  2. Schrell Atkinson

    I am proud that you chose to speak to the issue of separating the children from their families and the reassurance that the district offers to its students.

  3. Janet Wasserman

    HISD is truly a district with heart.
    Thank you for your heartwarming message Dr. Lathan.

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