Magnet school hub program to allow direct commutes to campuses

Students who attend magnet programs in the Houston Independent School District will ride bus routes specifically dedicated to servicing their schools in the upcoming school year.

Beginning on the first day of school, Aug. 27, 2018, HISD Transportation Services will implement the magnet school hub program for bus riders in the magnet program.

Students will ride buses that will transport them directly to their respective schools. In previous years, students attending magnet schools rode buses with routes that serviced a number of schools, resulting in a longer commute time.

The implementation of the magnet school hub program will allow students to commute directly to their campus, improving the on-time arrival rate of students, which will prevent lost instruction time by ensuring they are at school ready to learn when the first school bell rings.

Magnet School Hub Program FAQs

“For most people, 15 minutes doesn’t mean a lot,” said Justin Fuentes, assistant superintendent of School Choice. “But, 15 minutes for a student means breakfast, or interacting with fellow students and teachers. It allows them to get to school on time and be settled before starting their day.”

Based on the new program, magnet school students will be assigned to “hub locations” where they will be picked up to be taken to their school and dropped off at the end of the school day. The hub locations will be at designated HISD schools throughout the district.

“We chose these hub locations after a careful review of bus stop usage and a comprehensive look at traffic assessments,” said Transportation Services General Manager Timothy Brown. “These reviews resulted in hubs being placed at schools with high visibility and strong safety reviews.”

Parents of magnet school students will be receiving postcards confirming their student’s hub location assignment and school bus pick-up and drop-off times within the first two weeks of August.

“Our goal is to continue to develop ways to improve the service and support we provide to our most valuable resource — our students,” Brown said. “Our primary focus continues to be providing all students with safe and reliable transportation to and from school.”

Parents should contact HISD’s Customer Care Team at 713-556-9400 if they have additional questions.

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