HISD celebrating Educational Diagnosticians’ Week

HISD celebrates Educational Diagnosticians’ Week during the week of March 4-8 to celebrate and honor educational diagnosticians and their contribution to positive student outcomes. 

With nearly 150 educational diagnosticians employed at the district and the largest populations in the state of Texas, these professionals are trained to formally assess students in the areas of cognition and achievement. More specifically, educational diagnosticians identify challenges a student may be facing on his or her learning path.     

At HISD, one may find a diagnostician attending any type of special education meeting between the school, student and family, functioning as the expert in how a student learns and processes information.  

They also give input regarding interventions that teachers and parents can implement to ensure positive outcomes for students. However, their biggest job is to assess for the presence of learning disabilities in students who continue to face academic challenges.  

After educational diagnosticians assess for the presence of learning disabilities they make recommendations that can be implemented to improve and promote academic outcomes for the student assessed. 

An important role to student’s academic achievement outcomes, HISD recognizes educational diagnosticians and their commitment to ensuring ALL students receive a quality education. 

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has also issued a proclamation declaring the week of March 4-8 as Educational Diagnosticians’ Week in Texas.