19 HISD schools to participate in 2019 Houston Art Car Parade

When the 32nd annual Art Car Parade kicks off on Saturday along Allen Parkway, some 19 HISD schools will be in the lineup.

More than 250 cars, bikes, skaters, and motorized creations that will wind through the streets of Downtown Houston starting at 2 p.m. and end up back along Allen Parkway. For the parade route and complete details, see Houston Art Car Parade. 

For those who want to get jump on the parade, see the cars up close, and talk to the owners, join the “Lineup Party” along Allen Parkway between Montrose and Sabine Street Bridge at 11 a.m. 

At 2 p.m., the parade sets off for Downtown Houston. There will be food trucks, music, beverages, and more. Spectators can line up anywhere along the parade route to catch a glimpse of the action. 

Rebecca Bass at Heights High School is working on her 33rd art car in 30 years. Last year’s tribute to the Rolling Stones titled “It’s Only Rock and Roll, But I Like It,” took home first place. Heights High School’s 2019 art car contender is a tribute to Texas icon Stevie Ray Vaughn titled “Pride and Joy.”

Horn Elementary has created a donut-filled art car titled “Sprinkle Kindness.” According to Horn’s art teacher Debbie Guelzow, every student in the school created a donut with a variety of materials – socks, plates, bowls, frisbees, and felt.

Frank Black Middle School, which last year was awarded second place in the Best Youth Entry category, finished their 2019 entry, “Bangarang Megatron Peevish LeMuy,” ahead of schedule. Hamilton Middle School, Kashmere Gardens Elementary School and Lovett Elementary all have two entries in the parade. 

Here is a list of participating HISD schools, including the names and numbers of their art cars, as of press time:

* Arabic Immersion Magnet School

* Baylor College of Medicine at Ryan (No. 65): Nerve Central

* Black Middle School (No. 66): Bangarang Megatron Peevish LeMuy

* Carnegie Vanguard High School (No. 39): Rhinos for Monarchs

* Condit Elementary School (No. 90): Condit E.S. Car

* Eastwood Academy

* Gallegos Elementary School (No. 122): Jeep Abstract 

* Hamilton Middle School (No. 69): Jurassic Carnage

* Hamilton Middle School (No. 68): Ecto-A-7

* Harvard Elementary School (No. 152): E-Car-ology

* Heights High School (No. 44): Pride and Joy

* Herrera Elementary School (No. 124): The Voyager

* Horn Elementary (No. 92): Sprinkle Kindness

* Kashmere Gardens Elementary School (No. 150): Wakanda Forever

* Kashmere Gardens Elementary School (No. 151): Past & Present: Unresolved History

* Lewis Elementary School 

* Love Elementary School (No. 93): Crush City Cruiser

* Lovett Elementary School (No. 89): Owltta This World

* Lovett Elementary School (No. 91): OWL van GO

* Mandarin Immersion Magnet School

* Northside High School

* Sam Houston MSTC: CATastrophe

For more information, visit www.thehoustonartcarparade.com