HISD Scholars Banquet honors Class of 2019 valedictorians and salutatorians

The Houston Independent School District paid tribute to the top students from each high school’s graduating class during the annual Scholars Banquet on Tuesday evening. 

Every spring, HISD honors the top two scholars at each of its high schools with a formal celebration of the accomplishment of finishing first or second in their class academic rankings. During the banquet, the 94 valedictorians and salutatorians were presented with a medallion in recognition of their outstanding academic achievements. 

“This has been a challenging year for HISD, but you are proof that great things are happening throughout the district,” said Interim Superintendent Dr. Grenita Lathan. “Given what you have accomplished so far, there is no limit to what you can do in college and beyond.” 

In addition to their outstanding academic achievements, the 94 valedictorians and salutatorians, along with the rest of the Class of 2019, has garnered more than $67 million year-to-date in scholarship offers, and will no doubt surpass last year’s total of $414 million. 

As the Salutatorian for Austin High School’s Class of 1997, Chief of Communications Rebecca Suarez offered some inspiring words for the graduating seniors.  

“On your journey, do not be afraid to fail,” she said. “Be brave and be strong when things do not go your way. When life knocks you down, do a push up, and find the energy to stand up again.”  

HISD Board Trustees Rhonda Skillern-Jones, Elizabeth Santos, Diana Davila, Dr. Sergio Lira and Holly Flynn Vilaseca were also at the event, which was sponsored by Smart Financial Credit Union. 

To see photos of the valedictorians and salutatorians, find out where they are going to college, their favorite subjects, and more about them, visit Meet the Top Students From HISD’s Class of 2019

Austin High School 

Valedictorian: Melissa Hernandez 

Salutatorian: Isaias Alonso 

Bellaire High School 

Valedictorians: Patrick Roy Han and Michelle Janet Miao 

Carnegie Vanguard High School 

Valedictorians: Manith Naresh Luthria and Shilpita Mitra-Behura 

 Challenge Early College High School 

Valedictorian: Carol Elizabeth Lahana 

Salutatorian: Sinan Kekic 

Chávez High School 

Valedictorian: Truong Lap Nguyen 

Salutatorian: Duyen Thien Thi Nguyen 

DeBakey High School for Health Professions 

Valedictorians: Ritu Ranganath Sampige and Pranooha Veeramachaneni 

East Early College High School 

Valedictorian: Sara Sánchez Alarcón 

Salutatorian: Ricardo Escamilla 

Eastwood Academy 

Valedictorian: Vanesa Gonzalez Torres 

Salutatorian: Ashley Blanco 

Energy Institute High School 

Valedictorian: Derrick Nhat Ngo 

Salutatorian: Nasario Trejo, Jr. 

Energized for E-STEM Central High School 

Valedictorian: Nestor Delgado Andrade 

Salutatorian: Frank Yan Guzman Gomez 

Energized for E-STEM West High School 

Valedictorian: Albalene Rodriguez 

Salutatorian: Norma Lizeth Martinez Fuentes 

Furr High School 

Valedictorian: Leslie Jarinzy Carbajal 

Salutatorian: Cesar Octavio Hernandez 

Heights High School 

Valedictorian: Ryan Maxwell Ebel 

Salutatorian: Dagny Elise Carlsson 

High School for Law Enforcement & Criminal Justice 

Valedictorian: Christania Ijeoma Okafor 

Salutatorian: Karen Milagros Garcia 

High School for the Performing & Visual Arts 

Valedictorians: Margaret Emma Fair and Ewan James Curtis 

Houston Academy for International Studies 

Valedictorian: Patrice Stubblefield 

Salutatorian: Ryan Martinez 

Jane Long Academy 

Valedictorian: Rosine Mpozenzi 

Salutatorian: Jonathan Herrera 

Jones Futures Academy 

Valedictorian: Monique Jones 

Salutatorian: Maria Caballero 

Kashmere High School 

Valedictorian: Yodi Lizette Pineda 

Salutatorian: Hera’Emperatrize Angelena Gipson 

Lamar High School 

Valedictorian: Amara Nicole Sen 

Salutatorian: Rebecca Marie Zivley 

Liberty High School 

Valedictorian: Karla Alejandra Montero Rivero 

Salutatorian: Mario Enrique Pineda Garcia 

Madison High School 

Valedictorian: Ebonee Dachelle Ellison 

Salutatorian: Jerlin Grisel Perez 

Mickey Leland College Preparatory Academy for Young Men 

Valedictorian: Gustavo Adolfo Flores 

Salutatorian: Armando Mendoza Jr. 

Middle College High School – HCC Fraga 

Valedictorian: Melissa Hernandez 

Salutatorian: Michelle Sepulveda 

Middle College High School – HCC Gulfton 

Valedictorian: JaDaisha C. Ryans 

Salutatorian: Christian S. Orellano 

Milby High School 

Valedictorian: Erik Rodriguez 

Salutatorian: Himelda Yanet Escuadra 

Mount Carmel Academy 

Valedictorian: Cesar Lara Jr. 

Salutatorians: Miranda Marie Zaebst 

North Forest High School 

Valedictorian: Jamel Lancelot Jolivet 

Salutatorian: Christopher Wayne French 

North Houston Early College High School 

Valedictorian: Aushanae Nicole Haller 

Salutatorians: Vanessa Hernandez and Josephine Carlota Ibarra 

Northside High School 

Valedictorian: Jaime Salazar-Elizondo 

Salutatorians: Danielle Portice 

Sam Houston Math, Science & Technology Center 

Valedictorian: Yoana Lizeth Pineda 

Salutatorian: Jessica Vasquez 

Scarborough High School 

Valedictorian: Bhavik Harishbhai Patel 

Salutatorian: Jacqueline Dominguez 

Sharpstown High School 

Valedictorian: Angie Verenice Pineda 

Salutatorian: Angelica Barreras Camba 

Sharpstown International School 

Valedictorian: Juan Carlos Venancio 

Salutatorian: Adriana Carolina Badena 

South Early College High School 

Valedictorian: Zulima Moyosoreoluwa Ike 

Salutatorian: Edgar Ivan Sanchez 

Sterling Aviation High School 

Valedictorian: Heather Coleman 

Salutatorian: Farrahnecia Green 

Texas Connections Academy Houston 

Valedictorian: Matthew Donald Whorton 

Salutatorian: Victoria Brooke Loomis 

Waltrip High School 

Valedictorian: Marissa Danielle Ortiz 

Salutatorian: Jaqueline Rocio Valdez 

Washington High School 

Valedictorian: Zakheya M. Johnson 

Salutatorian: Michael C. Bess 

Westbury High School 

Valedictorian: Stephanie Vanessa Quiroz 

Salutatorian: Alirma Khadijah Davis 

Westside High School 

Valedictorian: Aurian Ray Maleki 

Salutatorians: Jaelyn Janel Taylor 

Wheatley High School 

Valedictorian: Therina Mare Valentin 

Salutatorian: Doris Keesha Crisp 

Wisdom High School 

Valedictorian: Ethan Wei-Ning Song 

Salutatorians: Mauricio Guerrero and Mohammad Fahad Javed 

Worthing High School 

Valedictorian: Duyen Cao Ky Nguyen 

Salutatorian: Darius Jacques Hines 

Yates High School 

Valedictorian: Josue Osvaldo Alvarado 

Salutatorian: Charley-Renae Baham 

Young Women’s College Preparatory Academy 

Valedictorian: Casey Jamilett Calixto 

Salutatorian: Nancy Landeros