HISD celebrates first-ever Academic College Signing Day

For the first time ever, HISD hosted Academic College Signing Day for the district’s top University Interscholastic League (UIL) Academics, Music, and One Act Play students.  

Nearly 190 students from 32 high schools signed ceremonial letters of intent in the presence of their families, teachers, and classmates.  

Keynote speaker and Yates High School alum Jonathan Howard stressed the importance of living a life of excellence, which he believes helps people overcome obstacles and achieve success in life. 

“If you treat excellence like a lifestyle, no one will be able to deny you a seat at any table,” he told the crowd. “When you intentionally live a life of excellence, you make it impossible for people to tell you no.” 

UIL Academics students made commitments to prestigious higher education institutions such as Yale and Columbia universities, Trinity College, and the University of Texas at Austin.