Volunteers to visit students’ homes during annual Grads Within Reach Walk

The Houston Independent School District will hold its annual Grads Within Reach Walk on Saturday, Sept. 7 to encourage students to who have not enrolled for the 2019-20 school year to come back to their respective campuses. 

District administrators, community leaders, principals, and volunteers will set out from 22 high schools across the district to knock on doors and personally encourage students to return to school. Students will receive information on the many support systems and resources HISD offers to help them graduate.  

HISD wants to develop a collective and sustainable approach to ensure that all students are receiving the appropriate support to return to school, stay in school, and positively benefit from the various services we provide. 

Participating HISD high schools include: Austin, Bellaire, Chavez, Furr, Heights, Kashmere, Lamar, Madison, Milby, North Forest, Northside, Sharpstown, Sterling, Waltrip, Washington, Westbury, Westside, Wheatley, Wisdom, Worthing, and Yates high schools, as well as Sam Houston Math, Science, and Technology Center High School.