Fidget spinners, iPhones top the list in Longfellow ES annual toy survey

Students at Longfellow Elementary School on Friday announced that iPhones and Fidget Spinners are two of the hottest toys this holiday season after polling their classmates for their annual top toy survey.

For the tenth consecutive year, a group of fifth-graders at the school surveyed their classmates to determine what gifts kids would like to receive for the holidays. In a mid-morning press conference, students announced the top five toys for boys and girls. The goal of the survey is to help give parents and relatives an idea of what to buy before they do their holiday shopping.

“Every year fifth-grade students at our school interview students in every grade level to see what the most wanted toys will be for the holiday season,” fifth-grader Chase said. “We are a lighthouse school and we used those ideas to be successful in completing the toy survey.”

The students worked in teams for more than two months to survey classmates. According to the students, they spent a week compiling all their findings.

“We are really proud of the students, they definitely use the habits that we teach them at this school,” first-grade teacher Angelica Shapiro said. “They work together, they synergize, they learn about PowerPoint, Excel, writing scripts and how to run their own show.”

The iPhone 11 was the most popular gift this year, which came as no surprise to the surveyors.

“I think they were the most popular gift because kids want to have smartphones, Siri and games,” fifth-grader Madison said. “We like to flex a lot on our phones. Kids love technology.”

In addition to presenting their findings, the students showcased samples of the top toys, which also included Nerf guns, Shopkins and Slime Kits.

The toys are given to the school by the neighborhood Target store on Main Street. After the event, the fifth-graders who led the survey could choose a toy for themselves. The remaining toys are later given to needy Longfellow students.

Below are the results of this year’s survey, broken down by gender in order of popularity for all ages.


  1. iPhone 11 and Elsa Doll (tie)
  2. Fidget Spinner
  3. Barbie
  4. Slime kit
  5. Shopkins


  1. iPhone 11
  2. Nerf guns
  3. Legos
  4. PlayStation
  5. Bike, Airplane, Spiderman (three-way tie)