HISD launches Wraparound Services Needs Map & Dashboard tool

The Houston Independent School District is launching a Wraparound Services Needs Map & Dashboard tool, a visual and interactive tool capturing areas of demand and trends of non-academic supports across the district.

This effort is the result of a collaboration between the Houston Education Research Consortium (HERC), ProUnitas and HISD Wraparound Services department as the district continues its strong commitment to serving the whole child through non-academic supports. Wraparound Services is dedicated to meeting the non-academic needs of students in order to support their academic achievement.

“In HISD, our goal is to support the whole child to ensure both their academic and social/emotional needs are met,” HISD Interim Superintendent Grenita Lathan said. “We thank our partners for helping to develop this tool, which will go a long way in identifying the high-needs areas in our district and ensuring delivery of wraparound services to those students and families who need our support the most.” 

Any stakeholder will be able to access this tool to get an idea of the different needs reported by PurpleSENSE by ProUnitas, the data platform utilized by Wraparound Service specialists to track the needs of students and families as indicated in submitted Student Assistance Form (SAF).

Additionally, users will be able to see demographic information, existing service providers and programs by campus, and other regional data of interest. The tool also includes information generated through the Needs Assessment Survey completed by students, parents, and teachers and analyzed by HERC.  Users also can check which schools currently have a dedicated Wraparound Resource specialist, HISD-approved service providers available, and filter data by Schools Office, Feeder Pattern, and Trustee District.

“We are thankful for the amazing services and resources we are able to connect our students and families through our wraparound services,” said Dr. Rick Cruz, Chief of Strategy and Innovation. “This tool will serve to highlight not only the needs around our communities, but also provide opportunities for anyone to engage in and support this work.”

Under the umbrella of HISD Equity and Outreach, Wraparound Services provides non-academic supports addressing critical issues such as mental health and physical needs, food insecurity, lack of stable housing,  and many other challenges that can have adverse effects on a student’s readiness and ability to learn.

For more information about Wraparound Services visit www.HoustonISD.org/Wraparound or contact WraparoundAdmin@HoustonISD.org.