May 12 is National School Nurse Day

The Houston Independent School District is honoring the hard work and dedication of school nurses as part of National School Nurse Day on Wednesday, May 12.

Since 1972, this day has been an opportunity to recognize these important members of our school communities. But this year, the importance of our school nurses has been made even more apparent amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

School nurses have long been the heart of HISD campuses, but over the past year their efforts have become even more important. By keeping students healthy and safe, nurses create an environment where students are ready to learn.

Nurses have taken on a renewed role as caregiver at all 284 of our schools in HISD. They have worked with local, state, and federal health officials to develop and instate health protocols.

On a day-to-day basis, they provide students, faculty, and staff with medical expertise in both ongoing and emergency care. Many school nurses also work with students and their families to connect them with caregivers or organizations that can help fill the gaps for their medical needs.

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