HISD and City of Houston award winners of the inaugural Truck Artwork Competition

In January, HISD announced a contest in partnership with the City of Houston to encourage the district’s young Michelangelos to learn more about recycling through art. Participants, grades K-12, were asked to create a work of art that reflected the contest’s theme, “I Recycle for Houston.” The winning pieces would be displayed on the side of City of Houston Solid Waste Management collection trucks.

The theme was chosen to inspire student artists to think about how recycling and promoting sustainable living affects their community.

The winning artists were celebrated in an awards ceremony at Houston City Hall where, in the presence of Mayor Sylvester Turner and Houston City Council Member Karla Cisneros, they were presented with a framed copy of their artwork and special recognition for their creative triumphs.

Later this week, the student artists will a chance to see the trucks that now sport their artwork when the trucks visit their schools.

All of the submitted artwork was judged by age group, and winners were chosen for each. The winners of the Truck Artwork Competition are as follows:

Category 1 Winner: Tremayne Edwards (SPED)

Category 2 Winner: Celine Derya Tarhan (2nd Grade)

Category 3 Winner: Angela Yax (8th Grade)

Category 4 Winner: Elizabeth Crescenciano (9th Grade)