Families enjoy a day of fun and learning at HISD Day at the Children’s Museum

HISD’s Family and Community Engagement (FACE) Department invited families to the Children’s Museum of Houston (CMH) for HISD Day at the Children’s Museum on Monday, Feb. 19. This special event provided an opportunity for families to bond, explore, and learn together, all while taking advantage of this free educational opportunity.  

Welcoming more than 2,400 attendees, half of whom were experiencing the museum for the first time, the event buzzed with excitement and curiosity. HISD families immersed themselves in the interactive exhibits and engaging activities offered by CMH, fostering a dynamic environment for both fun and learning.

CMH is a longtime partner of HISD FACE and offers exciting learning experiences for children of all ages. Families had the opportunity to explore exhibits including the EcoStation, an outdoor oasis where visitors can learn about native Texas plants and sustainable energy, Newton Know-How, a collection of stations designed to help visitors learn the principles of physics through play, Kidtropolis, USA, a child-sized city where young visitors can learn first-hand how community makes cities function, and much, much more. 

“It was impressive to see Houston’s diversity in action, coming together to play and learn at CMH,” said Natalia Regan, Director of Sales and Marketing for CMH. “We were happy to have the chance to collaborate with [HISD] and make this magical day happen for HISD families.” 

From community-wide events like HISD Day at the Children’s Museum to initiatives facilitating parental engagement, such as parent-teacher organizations and connecting families with district resources like the district’s Sunrise Centers, HISD FACE works hard to cultivate unique relationships with families, businesses and organizations throughout Houston that share their vision of supporting students in and out of the classroom. To learn more about FACE, visit their website here.