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HISD Announces Partnership with Trees for Houston

The Houston Independent School District and Trees for Houston have announced a partnership to plant trees at several HISD campuses.   The Board of Education approved the partnership earlier this year.  The joint effort will support HISD’s ongoing commitment to promote green schools and eco-friendly academic environments.  On some campuses the trees will be watered by irrigation systems that use rainwater collected from school rooftops.

Trees for Houston will deliver a variety of drought tolerant trees to the schools at no cost to HISD.  Volunteers with the organization will also plant the trees on some campuses.

“We’re pleased HISD is joining with Trees for Houston to not only improve the aesthetics for these campuses but to teach students about the importance of protecting our environment,” said HISD Board of Education President Michael Lunceford.

HISD Trustee Harvin Moore who has been a big supporter of the unique partnership said school campuses serve as learning environments, parks, and natural oases in an urban setting.  “Trees are important to all of us, and as one of Houston’s largest property owners, HISD can make a big difference in keeping Houston green,” Moore said.               

Trees for Houston is a non-profit organization dedicated to planting, protecting, and promoting trees.  Its Trees for Schools program was developed to provide and plant much needed trees on Houston- area school campuses.

The organization’s Executive Director Barry Ward said the partnership is a great example of two organizations working together to accomplish more than either could alone.  “This program provides a vital improvement to the environment as well as the economic viability to the school campus and surrounding community,” said Ward.

Trees for Houston has planted more than 430,000 trees to benefit the Houston community in the past 29 years.