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Accept an offered magnet seat by Thursday, April 6

Parents who submitted magnet applications for the 2017-2018 school year have until Thursday, April 6, to accept any offered seat.

Parents who participated in Phase 1 of the application process (Sept. 30 – Dec. 9, 2016) were notified of the status of their submissions on Thursday, March 23. Phase I includes in-district applications only.

Parents who created online accounts can find the results posted on their dashboards, and letters were sent out by U.S. mail to all parents who submitted an application.

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Magnet school notification date coming up

The big day is almost here. HISD is in the final stages of processing nearly 50,000 applications in preparation for magnet notification day on Friday, March 28. The district has received 16,747 more applications this year than last, with the majority of those applications received through the new online application system.

All students who met the qualifications and December deadline will be offered spaces in the order assigned by a computer-generated lottery. The lottery randomly assigns spaces for applicants and their siblings.

Parents who are waiting anxiously to find out which magnet school their child will be attending next year will be notified on March 28 by mail or email, depending on how they filed their application. If they applied online, they will be notified by email on March 28 (after 5 p.m.). If they applied with a paper application, letters reporting the status of their child’s application will be mailed on March 28.

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