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In summer, the real world becomes our classroom

2014 July 23
by HISD Communications

We’ve been stepping up our programs in HISD to connect what students learn in the classroom to the real world, and this summer is providing rich opportunities for both teachers and students to stretch their imaginations and build new skill sets off-campus.

Our Linked Learning approach, which is about to go into effect at eight high schools and their feeder campuses, placed a number of teachers in “externships” in recent weeks. Teachers from Reagan High School, which will offer a Health Science pathway, explored departments at Memorial Hermann Hospital, while other instructors visited relevant workplaces in construction and environmental sustainability.

Students are venturing into the field, too. Through Communities in Schools, young people interested in the legal profession are getting valuable exposure to law firms and courtrooms. The second year of the Admiralty Hospitality Scholars program sponsored by former NBA star David Robinson has given 25 of our students direct exposure to and experience in hospitality careers, which will continue in internships and mentoring throughout the school year.

Nine HISD students are investing sweat equity to get on-the-job experience and learn about environmental preservation. They’re completing projects at the Houston Arboretum and other locations through the Student Conservation Association Houston’s program.

There’s a big payoff in this approach to having our teachers and students venture into the real world for part of their education. Young people understand how what’s being taught in the classroom is relevant to the jobs they’ll be holding in the future. That helps motivate them to stay in school, pay attention, set goals, and work hard to achieve them.

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