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Scholarship totals show college readiness efforts paying off

2015 July 22
by HISD Communications

HISD received some great news earlier this month — this year’s senior class surpassed last year’s in the amount of scholarships and other financial aid offers received by a whopping $10 million.

That figure is a real tribute to our counselors, college access coordinators, and other College Readiness team members, who work so hard throughout the year to keep graduating seniors focused on the very important tasks of completing applications and meeting deadlines.

Building awareness of existing opportunities is half the battle, so it’s exciting to hear about the innovative ways our staff are finding to motivate their students, and the determination our seniors show in applying for every possible funding source available to them.

Hearing their stories makes it easy to see why some of our schools have boosted their totals so significantly from last year to this one. Our college-readiness efforts are paying off, and I applaud Team HISD for this year’s achievement and look forward to seeing what we will accomplish together in 2016.

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