Booker T. Washington Student Embarks on Unique Expedition

Booker T. Washington High School student Darryl Prevost has embarked on a deep-sea expedition aboard Titanic discoverer Dr. Robert Ballard’s ship of exploration. The Exploration Vessel Nautilus is currently exploring the waters of the Black, Aegean, and Mediterranean seas off the coasts of Turkey and Cyprus.

Darryl Prevost

Prevost, 17, who was selected as a JASON Project National Argonaut, is among a group of students, educators, and scientists from around the world participating in the weeklong expedition.   

Since 1990, the JASON National Argonaut program has provided hands-on, scientific field work to more than 450 students and educators worldwide, many of whom have gone on to pursue degrees and careers in science. National Argonauts also participate in scientific research with peers and scientists and return to their communities as mentors and role models.

Prevost, the only HISD student participating in the expedition, says he is thankful for the opportunity and is excited about being chosen for the project.

“I was in shock at first when I heard my name being called out as one of the Argonaut winners,” Prevost said. “I hope to learn and explore a lot while I am aboard the Nautilus.”

The JASON Project, managed by Sea Research Foundation and National Geographic Society, was founded by Ballard and is an internationally acclaimed, exploration-based program that links students—inside the classroom and out—to real science and scientists through technology intensive, inquiry-based curricular experiences.