Houston ISD students receive more than $180 million in scholarship offers in 2012

Just received the latest numbers and the task of paying for higher ed is getting a bit easier for Houston ISD students.

HISD students have been offered more than $180 million in scholarships this school year, eclipsing last year’s total by more than $50 million. Digging a little bit deeper, students at 27 schools received more financial offers than in 2011. High schools such as Austin, Booker T. Washington and Eastwood more than doubled their 2011 scholarship offers, while Bellaire, DeBakey, HSPVA, Lamar and Westside reached or far exceeded more than $15 million each in offers. Westside HS also saw the largest overall increase in scholarship offers, receiving more than $34 million in offers, a total of $13 million more than the $21 million its students received in 2011.

Jordan and Worthing high schools eclipsed the $1 million mark this school year.

Congratulations to the class of 2012 for taking advantage of the millions available to continue their education. We encourage future graduates to not waste any time in seeking financial assistance in attending college, as higher education costs are rising and every bit of scholarship assistance now means less of a financial impact on students and their families.