Happy Birthday, Lamar High School! Campus Celebrates 75 Years

Lamar High School marked its 75th year this week by inviting members of its first two classes (1938 and 1939) back to campus to commemorate the occasion. Pictured are Ben Duffie (Class of 1938), Mayor Annise Parker, and Mary Ann Duffie (Class of 1944).

Sept. 20, 1937, was the official first day on which the school opened. At that time, the country was deep in the throes of the Great Depression, Westheimer was still just a shell road, and River Oaks boasted only a few completed homes.

Lamar will formally celebrate its 75th anniversary on Sat., Oct. 20, with an Open House starting at 10:30 a.m., followed by its homecoming football game against the Sam Houston Math, Science & Technology Center at 2 p.m. at Delmar Stadium.

Below is a photo of the campus from the school’s early years, before the stately oak trees that now grace the front lawn were even planted.