New Monthly eNewsletter Provides Information on Bond Projects

HISD launched a new eNewsletter Tuesday to showcase activities and information surrounding the 2012 bond, which will fund the renovation or construction of 40 schools across the city, including 29 high schools.

NLthumb“This new newsletter will help us deliver on our promise of a bond program that is transparent,” said HISD Communications Chief Aggie Alvez. “Each issue will include the latest updates on everything from bond business topics to design and planning issues. The goal is to keep the community informed and engaged.”

The newsletter, called Building Excellence, will be distributed the first Tuesday of every month but may increase in frequency as needed. The first issue features an article about focus groups that were held to gather ideas from students about what they want to see in their new schools.

“People want a bigger atmosphere to learn and socialize … not limited to space that makes you feel crowded and depressed,” said Hugo Rojas from Davis High School. “We need the whole environment to be presentable for us to be pumped to go to school.”

Other articles cover the district’s efforts to increase participation by minority and women-owned business enterprises in the 2012 bond.

Readers can also find helpful links to a calendar featuring bond activities. All of the newsletters will be archived on the bond programs area of the district website at, which recently was redesigned to make it easier for people to find project updates.

Those who wish to subscribe should send an email to