Superintendent Praises First Class Breakfast for Improved Attendance

Superintendent of Schools Terry Grier recently told the American Association of School Administrators (AASA) about HISD’s First Class Breakfast Program, and how it is improving the district’s attendance rates.

“Kids that are not hungry, they behave better and there’s no question that they also learn at a higher level,” Grier said.

Dr. Grier emphasized that the program, which delivers a hot breakfast to elementary and middle students in the classroom, does not prevent children from learning while they eat.

“It’s not wasted instructional time,” said Dr. Grier. “Teachers are teaching vocabulary lessons. They’re working a math program on the board.”

First Class Breakfast is available at all HISD elementary and middle schools. The meals are prepared in a central facility, then packaged and sent out to schools, where they are warmed and served. Breakfast lasts about eight to 12 minutes.