HISD Seeks Proposals for Labor Compliance Under 2012 Bond

HISD is soliciting proposals from firms interested in overseeing labor compliance for construction under the district’s $1.89 billion 2012 bond program.

The contracted labor compliance team will ensure all workers employed by contractors and subcontractors under the 2012 bond program are paid the prevailing wage on district construction work. The labor compliance firm will also guarantee that contracts are payroll certified.

“Some contractors under the 2007 bond program have expressed concerns about payroll issues,” said Alexis Licata, HISD’s general manager of Business Assistance. “We want safeguards in place to ensure workers within the 2012 bond program are paid in a timely and fair manner.”

HISD will work through its vendor and legal counsel to resolve disputes and hold any contractors or subcontractors accountable for violations, including fines, canceling contracts and restricting future bidding opportunities.

“We don’t get a tremendous amount of disputes, but we’re hoping the labor compliance teams will eliminate any problems that may occur,” Licata said.

Proposals will be accepted until 2 p.m. on Wednesday, Aug. 28, at the Hattie Mae White building, located at 4400 West 18th St., Houston, Texas 77092. Bidders should include an original hard copy and six scanned electronic copies of the original saved to a flash drive.