Teachers Introduced to New Dashboard Tool at Rigor Institute

Teachers at Stevens Elementary School were excited about HISD’s new dashboard when Teacher Development Specialist Alicia Lewis showed them how to log in for the first time at the Rigor Institute. “This is going to save you all so much time that you will just love it,” Lewis said. A few voices around the room spoke out in agreement. Principals were trained in June and most have been using it ever since.

“Every morning I can see right away if there is something I need to deal with immediately,” said Stevens Elementary School Principal Lucy Anderson. “But what I like most is the time it’s going to save my teachers. I often ask them for student reports, which take them hours to complete. Now they can simply export the data to Excel.”

The dashboard, which is now available to employees on the HISD website, is where teachers can find everything they need to know about their students—profiles, attendance, test scores, trends, and other vital information—so that they can make data-driven decisions about how to ensure student success. Teachers can access multiple systems such as Chancery and EdPlan all in one place.

“We need to get to know our students quickly because we have a high mobility rate at Stevens,” said Anderson, referring to children who transfer in and out of her school. “It will be especially useful to quickly access data about a student who has come to us from another HISD school.”

The dashboard, which was developed by HISD, is accessible 24 hours a day from anywhere a teacher can logon to the HISD website. This new tool is another example of how technology is driving student success across the district.

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