Four Campuses Celebrate New Outdoor Spaces at SPARK Week Dedications

Kindergarten students perform a routine set to Louis Armstrong’s “What a Wonderful World” during the dedication of the Moreno ES SPARK park on Nov. 21.

A rain barrel system and a fruit tree orchard. A new walking trail and an outdoor classroom. These are just a few of the attractions now gracing four new SPARK parks at HISD campuses across the city.

The parks, which were formally dedicated on Nov. 21 and 22 by SPARK park representatives and campus officials, are located on the grounds of Almeda, Berry, Moreno, and Tijerina elementary schools.

The schools raised an average of $17,000 each to help fund the projects, which were supplemented with contributions from HISD, the City of Houston, and other generous supporters and organizations.

Highlights from this year’s parks include a rain barrel system and fruit tree orchard at Moreno, a soccer field and new playground equipment at Tijerina, an outdoor classroom and mosaic at Almeda, and a new walking trail and exercise equipment at Berry.

“Children can play, explore, or just sit and read or meditate in our new SPARK Park,” said Moreno Principal Adriana Castro. “We are leaving Moreno much better than we found it.”