Mark your calendars: Makeup days have been finalized

HISD schools will now be open April 18 and May 26 for students, faculty and support staff to make up the days lost to wintry weather last Friday and this Tuesday.

The decision, made Thursday, adheres to the district’s 2013-2014 calendar adopted by the HISD Board of Education, which designated the Spring Holiday and Memorial Day as makeup days.

The Texas Education Agency mandates procedures for setting calendars and for designating and publicizing makeup days, and the public has an extended opportunity in advance of adoption of the calendar to comment on those days.

The calendar, as well as the 2014-2015 calendar, are posted on this website, as well.

For FAQs on makeup days, go to

23 thoughts on “Mark your calendars: Makeup days have been finalized

  1. Diane Osborne

    Friday April 18, 2014 is designated as Good Friday. As a christian Good Friday is not just a holiday it is one of the most holy days in Christianity. That is a day in which I attend church and spend time in prayer. By using April 18 as a make up day you are asking me to disregard a day in which is sacred to my religion.

  2. Sharlene Miller

    Pearland ISD is asking TEA to waive the ice days since so many districts were out. Are we doing the same thing?

  3. B. Rodriguez

    I understand the severity and the impact it has on our student’s learning to lose 2 days of instruction. However, I ask that you please reconsider using April 18th as a make-up day because it is Good Friday, which is a very important religious holiday for Catholics. I always tell my students, when you come to me with a problem, be prepared to suggest a solution. I propose adding on the extra instructional day at the end of the school year. I know students are very excited at the end of the school year, perhaps this served as a huge factor in not selecting this option first. In order to maximize instruction, the extra day can serve as an incentive, such as a pajama day, a DEAR reading day, a reader’s theatre day, etc. In closing, I hope you reconsider April 18th as a make-up day and consider the options I have listed above or other solutions.

  4. anonymous

    Also being a catholic i believe this holiday should not be taken away as we observe this like any other religion does theirs
    please respect this any pick another day end of school and or Spring Break. thank you

  5. Kumar

    you people don’t care about other religions. just reconsider memorial day since it is a federal holiday about people who gave up their lives for us

  6. Concerned Parent

    I am very concerned with HISD’s total lack of respect for the Christian Community. As a parent, It’s a struggle to teach children respect and morality in this day and age. Why, as educators, would HISD ever place parents in a situation where we are forced to “teach” our children to not worry about their faith and just “go to school”? Isn’t it enough that the admin has placed “extra” work on the students to “catch up” this past week and upcoming – just to get ready for the STAAR tests? What is the purpose of this policy? I would really like to hear the justification, esp. when we have days available at end of year or like other school districts, just waive them? Again, it’s not like the students aren’t getting enough school work and homework right not in dealing with the 2 days missed recently.

  7. Anonymous

    Lets be honest.. Most students will not come to school on Good Friday or Memorial Day. Why not put the dates at the end of the school year?

  8. Anoymous

    What do we need to do to have both of those days reconsidered for makeup? Do we need to sign a petition? Is there fear of retribution by district employees? Both of these dates are significant to observe in remembrance for those of the Christianity faith and our members of the Armed Forces. Is this an egregious act by Houston ISD and I am ready to support any measures necessary to have these days reconsidered as make up day options. Why not simply submit the waiver to the TEA? The fact is simply this, attendance is low, as well as test scores across the district. Punishing teachers and their administrators by having them work on momentous days, that obviously were originally thought to be by the district, is wrong and spiteful.

  9. Deborah G.

    The two days, April 18 and May 26 are important days to parents, students, falculties, employers, etc. It will pose problems to use those days as make up days. Suggestion, have make up days tacked unto the end of the school year.

    Your website indicates, “The Texas Education Agency mandates procedures for setting calendars and for designating and publicizing makeup days, and the public has an extended opportunity in advance of adoption of the calendar to comment on those days.”

    I am an HISD parent and there was not much of an opportunity, if any, in advance to comment on these days. I’m sure other parents will say the same, which is why this is causing so much concern now.

  10. Angel Hernandez

    April 18 is a religious holiday. It’s a day that we go to church. It’s not fair we should reconsider and make the day we were absent at the end of the school year.

  11. Anonymous

    why do we have to have school on good Friday and memorial day? its not our fault that bad weather kept us from coming to school. it was the school boards decision for us to not have school. so why do we have to have school on these days that are meant for a break. Its religious and important.

  12. Anonymous

    How sad that it has come to taking 2 of our most valued Holidays as makeup days! People have given and are still giving, the “Ultimate Sacrifice” so that we can enjoy the freedoms of living in America. Good Friday is a huge tradition revered by many in the Catholic faith. I don’t see the point! Parents, faculty and students will take those days off anyway! We cannot, nor will we ever be able to control the weather! Adding two days at the end of the year would have the least impact on the schools, faculty, parents and students. What is the true driving force behind this decision?

  13. JOHNNY

    To the person that made the comment about why not make up the day on VETERANS DAY. What are you talking about? We dont get it off. I am a veteran of the USMC and work with government people and we dont get it off. Get over yourself!!!!

  14. Chris

    @JOHNNY Veterans Day is only observed in the United States, that is true. Not only that, it is on November 11th. For graduating seniors, that is not a viable make-up day. Also “get over yourself” might be a stretch, the person who said that may have confused the holiday with Memorial Day.

  15. Har Ney

    For all those people worried about Good Friday, it is a Holy Day of Obligation in the church. If you so hold, you are not required to go to school that day, and HISD is required to give you an excused absence. A letter from a parent is sufficient, and they cannot require a letter from the Diocese or Your local parish priest. That falls under a little part of U.S. Law called the Constitution. Teachers, principals, support workers, etc. are similarly protected by their First amendment Rights. It is supported by so many instances of case law, that I cannot imagine HISD ir their attendance managers would give anyone any issues over it.

    HISD is, however, fully entitled to hold school on that day.

  16. N. Gonzales

    Why is it that those two days were marked as make up days, for some people they are more important than other “holidays” that we have off. Society is so afraid of hurting people’s feeling that they won’t concerning that we still discriminating against Christians and those who dead defending our freedom. It is bad enough that we no longer honor President’s day, why dishonor our Veterans.

  17. Steve

    Having to make up a day on GOOD FRIDAY is outrageous! If this were a Muslim holiday would this be happening? How insensitive and crass can one district possibly get? Another day should be chosen immediately! I hope no one shows up on that day. The only one who will be happy are substitute teachers!

  18. Mary Ann Clasen

    What was wrong with Martin Luther Day of the Jewish Holiday for a make up day or a day at the end of school?
    You are un christian and un American by using these two days out of the whole year. SHAME ON YOU. How soon is the election so that you can be removed from office and some decent people put in your place. I am praying that all Christians and Americans keep their kids home on these days and all teachers call in sick.

    1. HISD Communications Post author

      Martin Luther King Day and “the Jewish Holiday” occurred BEFORE the two days we missed due to inclement weather. Good Friday and Memorial Day were designated make-up days on the district’s academic calendar. The public has the opportunity to review the calendar and submit their objections before the Board of Education approves it. Parents may chose to keep their children home on Good Friday and claim a religious absence exemption. Teachers may request either day off, but it is up to their principal to decide whether the request will be granted. Please contact the Harris County Clerk’s Office for election information.

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