Students at low-performing HISD schools eligible for transfer

According to the state of Texas, if a student is attending a low-performing school, that student is eligible to transfer to another school. In order to request this transfer, the student must be enrolled in a school that meets either of the following criteria:

• Fifty percent or more of the students at the school did not perform satisfactorily on the STAAR or TAKS tests in any two of the preceding three years;
• The school was identified as low-performing by the Texas Education Agency’s Commission of Education at any time in the preceding three years.

If one of those criteria is met, the student may request a transfer to another HISD school or to another district. The new district must accept him or her as a tuition-free transfer student under the state of Texas Public Education Grant (PEG) program.

Parents who are interested in transferring their child to another HISD school should apply to one of the eligible HISD schools with space available to receive PEG transfers. Such transfers will be approved if space is available, and the new school is able to offer the student the appropriate educational program. Contact the HISD Student Transfer Department for more information.

Parents who prefer to transfer their child to another district should contact that district directly for appropriate procedures.

Student Transfer Department