Principals to discuss literacy during Twitter chat

Houston ISD principals traditionally collaborate via email and at meetings, but on Feb. 19 they’re chatting on Twitter and hope you will join the conversation.

The district’s second Twitter chat, which will be held from 1 to 2 p.m., will focus on literacy.

“The HISD District Literacy Plan is in the process of being revised,” said Carol Bedard, HISD’s director of literacy. “The purpose of the Twitter chat is to provide a forum for teachers, campus leaders, and district personnel to have their voices heard!”

You can be part of the conversation by following #HISDliteracy. If you have a comment or question, chime in by logging into your Twitter account on your computer or mobile device, and send your Tweet with that same hashtag.

One thought on “Principals to discuss literacy during Twitter chat

  1. Pat Johnson

    Full time certified librarians in all schools are a great source for literacy. We are a great support to teachers and students, pulling in those reluctant readers, getting students the books they want, having the knowledge to work with students and teachers. The more they read, the better their comprehension and vocabulary. Giving students choice in reading also improves their scores.

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