HISD college-readiness programs attract NYC educators

Representatives of New York City’s Department of Education have been visiting HISD this week to learn more about how the district prepares students for success in college and career. Dusty Miller, La Shawn Robinson, and Ainsley C. Rudolfo attended HISD’s State of the Schools event, as well as visited Chavez and Sterling high schools and Eastwood Academy.

After hearing about EMERGE through the Council of the Great City Schools, they wanted to see it in action. EMERGE prepares talented students from underserved communities to successfully attend and graduate from Ivy League and other top-tier colleges.

“They met with EMERGE students at Chavez High School and heard firsthand how excited they are to attend some of the nation’s top colleges tuition-free,” said Assistant Superintendent of College Readiness Rick Cruz, who served as tour guide. “They saw how EMERGE has changed the school’s culture and transformed the mindset of both students and teachers.”

They were also introduced to Chavez Prep, a competitive “school within a school” for high-achieving students who take all advanced and AP classes and are developed as leaders in preparation for a successful college career.

“They are hoping to revamp their college-readiness programs in New York City,” said Cruz. The three educators also learned about HISD’s Futures Academies, as well as the new Linked Learning initiative.

Miller, who is the principal of New York City Museum School, has served as a literacy coach, instructional specialist, and professional development leader for the New York City Department of Education (NYCDOE).

La Shawn Robinson is the executive director for Advanced Academic Access in the NYCDOE Division of Equity & Access and supports the implementation of the Advanced Placement (AP) Expansion Initiative, which works to increase access, participation, and performance in AP STEM-related courses by students from traditionally underserved communities.

Ainsley C. Rudolfo is executive director of the Office of School Programs and Partnerships for the Division of Equity & Access. He works to eliminate disparity gaps among students and serves as education point for NYC’s Young Men Initiative, a city-wide initiative to improve outcomes for young men between the ages of 16 and 24.