Plan Your Path Tip No. 2: You win! Complex requirements are made simple on HISD game board

Changes in STAAR exams and end-of-course tests. Personal Graduation Plans and Endorsements. Naviance, career interest inventories, requirements and schedules.

All the new terms and requirements brought by the Texas Legislature’s House Bill 5 regulations can be daunting, to be sure – but they become much clearer and simpler to understand with HISD’s unique “Plan Your Path” gameboard.

The clever and colorful tool was designed to help guide students and their parents down the sometimes confusing road to graduation. The map, which is based on classic board games, charts student progress from elementary school STAAR tests through middle school career fairs and endorsement choices in high school. Along the way, it outlines the changes to the state’s graduation requirements from HB 5.

Students can take along the map when meeting with their college access coordinator to discuss goals, career aspirations and college planning.

To catch an early look at the Plan Your Path to graduation map, click here, or visit HISD’s Plan Your Path site at to find more information about House Bill 5 and its effect on student assessment and graduation requirements.