Bellaire HS students win National Economics Challenge

A group of Bellaire High School students skipped their prom to compete in the National Economics Challenge and won!

Seniors Patrick Giradet, Ridge Liu, Laura Zhang and Jinchen Zou flew to New York City for the quiz bowl, which aired live on CNBC on Monday. In addition to receiving a trophy, the team was awarded the honor of ringing the closing bell at the New York Stock Exchange.

The group won the state competition a few weeks ago, after which the top 20 teams in the region took an exam. The top four, including Bellaire HS, then advanced to the national competition.

Earlier this year, Giradet, Liu and Zou were named state champs in the Financial Literacy Competition and finished fifth in the nation.

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  1. Michael Clark

    Each student won $1000 and they actually beat out 1200 teams from 40 States to end up in the final four in New York City. The coach for the team was Mike Clark from Bellaire

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