Video highlights how design is shaping up for new DeBakey High School

Renderings of the new DeBakey High School for Health Professions are featured in a new HISD video that highlights the planning and design of the campus.

The new facility’s transparent and collaborative design will provide students a 21st century academic experience in the heart of the Texas Medical Center. The school will be located in the medical center to better engage students in a medicine and research facility environment and provide them easy access to these resources.

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“Emerging in the Texas Medical Center is going to create a completely new learning environment for the students,” said Nancy Moreno of the Baylor College of Medicine. “They’re going to experience the medical center on a day-to-day basis, not only in their rotations.”

Through regular Project Advisory Team meetings as well as design charrettes and community meetings, the school’s staff and community supporters have helped shaped the new facility design by working one on one with architects and HISD facility planners and designers.

“We want this to be their building,” said HISD General Manager of Facilities Design Dan Bankhead. “DeBakey has a very special and successful program. It’s important that we build a building that’s going to address those special needs they have and reflect the spirit, success and achievements this program has already accomplished.”