Cutting-edge technology energizes Herrera ES students about learning

HISD’s PowerUp initiative is already transforming the way teachers are deliver instruction and students learn through the mass distribution of laptops, but other types of cutting-edge technology are also making a big impression on district campuses.

Students at HISD’s Herrera Elementary School, for instance, have been “making” the most of a new three-dimensional (3-D) printer the school purchased this year, using it to explore lessons in science, music, and art.

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“Our students are really excited about it,” said Librarian Melina Flores. “Our goal is to have them start leading how [it’s] going to be used in future lessons.”

“This is very cool technology,” said Herrera ES student Santino Hall. “You can take pictures of objects and turn them into 3-D models that you can use in the real world.”