HISD administration communicates final magnet funding proposal

New formula is designed to improve equity across programs

Next week, the HISD Board of Education will vote on a district-wide magnet funding formula that is designed to improve equity across programs and increase transparency in the magnet and specialty program funding process. These changes will be presented to the HISD Board of Education for their consideration on June 19 during a special budget meeting.

The district is not recommending a reduction in the total amount of money it currently provides to HISD magnet and specialty programs in good standing. The district, however, is recommending a change to the way money is distributed among HISD’s more than 100 magnet and specialty programs. Under the plan, magnet programs would receive a set amount of money per student, with that dollar amount pre-determined by magnet theme and school level.

Final Funding Formula:

Screen Shot 2014-06-12 at 5.01.37 PM

If approved, this new funding structure would be phased in over three years, allowing schools adequate time to plan for any changes in funding. Additionally, the district expects an increase in per-unit allocation (PUA) of $55 per student across all HISD schools — $26 of which was approved in May and an additional $29 which will be proposed next week. With the addition of this one-time PUA increase, all but four magnet and specialty programs will see an increase in their overall school funding for the upcoming school year.

The board also will consider adopting a $1.68 billion budget that includes increasing pay for entry-level teachers, funding the district’s literacy initiative, and increasing technology in classrooms.

The Board’s special meeting begins at 5 p.m. in the Board auditorium of the Hattie Mae White Educational Support Center (4400 West 18th St., 77092).


One thought on “HISD administration communicates final magnet funding proposal

  1. Ed Wolff

    Although the intent of the Superintendent is to pass this now, the District has disparity in funding in all areas and Magnet is no exception. Magnet is also in need of careful and thoughtful consideration of the programs which are currently working and performing and using those programs as guides to opening opportunities in underserved communities across the district.

    We don’t win by keeping funding at our school and not addressing the needs of others. We also don’t win by defunding well performing programs to simply move funds to areas where the schools do not yet know how they will be using the funds. We need to carefully review and design programs after proven success and we need to replicate that success by using the partners and administrators in those schools to help other schools across the city.

    I urge the district to consider postponing the funding allocation changes for one year. During that time the magnet program principles can provide their budgets as they pertain to magnet and their results of their programs fir review. We can then hopefully establish that baseline funding using actual programs and budgets that are effective today.

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