Training aims to boost success within 2012 bond program

Program managers from the five firms selected by HISD to oversee construction in the 2012 bond program are boosting their skills with a two-day training on planning and executing successful building projects.

More than 50 participants are taking part in the program,  which provides an overview of project management principles, the role of a project manager, contracting with design consultants, and construction costs, phasing and quality control.

“Our program managers need to know the fundamentals of successful program and project management, so they can apply them to the district’s 2012 bond program and other capital improvement programs,” said Christopher Barnett, HISD senior manager of Quality Assurance. “They need to be educated on different delivery methods and approaches.”

Program managers from Heery International, Inc., Jacobs Project Management Company, Kwame Building Group, Inc., Rice Gardner Consultants, Inc. and URS Corporation took part in the training.

“Regardless of their experience level, this is a good refresher,” said Heery Vice President Tim Carr, who facilitated the training on Wednesday. “Successful program management depends on the planning phase, which is so key. If they focus on planning, the design and construction phase will go smoothly.”