New era for HISD magnets as board votes for funding plan to increase equity, transparency

HISD trustees enacted a historic component of a steady, four-year reform of HISD’s magnet school programs last week, when they approved a new funding formula that increases equity and transparency.

The new formula changes how funding is distributed to the 108 magnet and specialty programs, to make sure those programs that are meeting HISD’s standards are receiving the support they deserve. The formula is also designed to adjust imbalances that have evolved over nearly 40 years of magnet growth in HISD. Under the revised system, 63 percent of HISD’s magnet and specialty schools will see increased financial support, while 37 percent will see magnet funding decreased.

The new formula is being phased in over a three-year period.

HISD has assembled this background information to explain the new funding formula, and to give historical perspective to the district’s efforts to reform its magnet programs since 2010.