Video explores design, planning of new Lee High School

Design images of Lee High School, which will be rebuilt into a 21st century learning environment, are featured in a new HISD video that explores the planning and design of the campus.

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The new facility, which will be built with funds from the HISD 2012 bond program, will have a new front entrance off Beverly Hill Street with more windows, providing a transparent and inviting entry for students and the community. Flexible and collaborative student learning centers and common areas will serve as unique spaces for students to work together and socialize.

“The commons area can be turned into a study area also,” said Principal Jonathan Trinh. “The walls are going to be marked with white boards, so the students can actually write on them as they work on problems.”

The video also highlights work done by the school’s Project Advisory Team, which meets regularly to share input on the design and what features students, staff, alumni, and community members would like to see most in the new building.

“What makes a successful project is balancing all the visions, discussions, and dialogue in the community,” said architect Gregg Kalba of WHR Architects, the firm designing the new school.

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  1. Scott Svetlik

    When is the planning supposed be completed leading up to the start of Construction?

    How will the new layout effect surrounding properties?

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