Video outlines planning process for new Eastwood Academy

Eastwood Academy recently began planning and sharing the design of its new facility with faculty, students, and parents at a design charrette and community meeting, which are both highlighted in a new HISD video.

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“They’re trying to make (the new school) look like a college for us,” said student Rebeca Marquez. “Not only are they trying to match it up with academics that are college-like, but they’re trying to give us the feel of what a college is going to feel like.”

The new 32,000-square-foot facility, funded by the HISD 2012 bond program, will be built into a 21st century learning environment with flexible and collaborative student and teaching spaces with more natural light, common areas and a courtyard. The school will include a larger dining space, a gym, a community park open to students and the neighborhood, and new chemistry labs.

“We have to rethink the way that we do things,” said Principal Paula Fendley. “It’s not the traditional lecture (space). … Kids need to have spaces to work on collaborative projects.”

The school’s architect, Prozign Architects, are in the beginning stages of designing the facility and continue to welcome feedback from staff, students and parents to ensure the building is innovative and equipped with the kinds of spaces a college preparatory school needs to be successful.

“There’s something to say about designing spaces where kids in particular are learning, growing and changing,” said architect Roxanne Sadeghpour.