Design concepts for South Early College High School featured in video

South Early College High School recently presented the final design images of its new 21st century learning environment facility, which is highlighted in a new HISD video that explores the planning and design of the campus.

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“I really love [the] new building,” said student Mirla Estrada. “I think it’s based on the 21st century. It’s very flexible, and it is how students will learn.”

The new campus, being built under the HISD 2012 bond program, will hold 400 students and will serve as a flexible hub for technology learning. Students will be able to work in labs specifically designated for their program, including robotics, computer technology and software engineering. Each lab will also include three learning centers adaptable with operable walls that open and close to create bigger learning spaces.

“Everything that is going to be necessary for those students to get into the mind set for learning for advanced technology is going to be available in [the] new building,” said at South Early College High School Principal Steven Gourrier.

Smith and Company Architects, the school’s architect, says the new two-story building will center around an open, naturally lighted courtyard that will serve for a number of activities, including eating and studying.

“Access to technology has always been at the forefront of our design,” said Terry Smith, President at Smith and Company Architects. “What we decided to do in this school was to create neighborhoods, which are basically smaller schools within a school.”

The video also highlights parents, staff and community members going over preliminary designs and concepts for the modern campus.

“I think they really did a great job with giving us feedback on the answers we needed,” said parent Amie Johnson. ”I really do feel like they are listening to us.”