Brookline ES gives ELL students extra help this summer

 (Houston Independent School District)Brookline Elementary School held a literacy challenge this summer to give 65 selected second- and third-grade English language learners a little extra help.

Teachers recommended students to invite to participate in the challenge. School officials said all the students had passed their grade level but needed some English language reinforcement.

The students read more than 2,100 Capstone Interactive e-books, and each book counted for ½ of an accelerated reader point. The students earned a total of 1,057 points. The students also spent a total of 382 hours using a Rosetta Stone program designed to teach students English. In addition, the students used iStation and Think Through Math during the program.

Many parents said they have seen a big difference in their children after the challenge.

“Because of this program, I have noticed a great improvement in my child’s focus skills and self-esteem,” one mother said.

The students also had a chance to review the program.

“I really liked it because I was learning how to read fast,” one student said.

“It was so fun,” another student said. “I learned a lot of English.”