Condit ES receives healthy lifestyle grant from Oliver Foundation

Grant to provide pedometers, introduce students to one new fruit or vegetable each month

Condit Elementary students can add nutrition and leading a healthy lifestyle to their school education this year, thanks to a $3,000 grant from locally based Oliver Foundation.

The grant, which was presented to the school on Sept. 10, will be used to teach students how to integrate healthy eating habits and physical activity into their everyday lives.

“Part of our goal here is to build a skill set in our students that goes beyond just academics,” said Condit ES Principal Dan Greenberg, “and one of those things is about healthy lifestyles, which is eating the right things, getting enough exercise, getting enough sleep. It’s going to make you healthy for life, but it’s also going to make you a better student as well.”

During the school year, students will learn about one new fruit or vegetable each month. The grant also provides pedometers to both students and teachers so they can track their levels of activity and take part in challenges.

The Oliver Foundation is a Houston-based non-profit dedicated to the prevention of childhood obesity. In addition to the grant money, the foundation also provides support and on-site visits throughout the year.

Healthy eating habits and getting enough exercise are key to a child’s overall health, but it also pays dividends in the classroom. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, academic performance is positively impacted when a school health program promotes good diet and exercise.

“If we can get kids to increase fruits and vegetables, increase their low-fat dairy, water, and physical activity, everything seems to fall into line,” said Deborah Woehler, the Oliver Foundation’s executive director.

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