HISD honored for implementing comprehensive anti-bullying policy for employees

Fostering a culture of respect among the city’s youth has long been a consideration of HISD. In 2006, the district strengthened its Code of Student Conduct to reflect more severe penalties for bullying, and in 2008, the Board of Education expanded its definition of bullying to include comments or teasing about a child’s weight.

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Now, the district has taken steps to protect the emotional and physical well-being of its adult team members, by passing one of the first comprehensive anti-bullying policies in the nation for public school employees.

The HISD Board of Education approved the new policy at its regular monthly meeting in August, and American Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten praised the district for its work with Houston Educational Support Personnel President Wretha Thomas during a Sept. 12 visit.

“It does seem obvious, that notion [of] ‘Do unto others as you would have others do unto you,’” said Weingarten, “but unfortunately, many times that Golden Rule is breached.”

“The passage of this policy demonstrates the collective desire of employees and the district to provide the students of HISD with an optimum learning environment,” added Community Partnerships Coordinator Iman A. Garrett-Price, “where employees as well as students are free from bullying, intimidation, and threats.”

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4 thoughts on “HISD honored for implementing comprehensive anti-bullying policy for employees

  1. Nina Sepulveda

    I’m glad the I initiative is in place at HISD. Many teachers are victims of bullying. With the stress from SOS, the principals bully the teachers. Many teachers wouldn’t leave the district if they felt some form of protection.

    1. HISD Communications

      The policy can be found on this page: http://www.houstonisd.org/Page/38486. You’ll need to download two documents under “recently updated governance documents” — Employee Standards of Conduct (DH Local) 8/14 and Employee Welfare: Freedom from Discrimination, Harassment, and Retaliation (DIA Local) 8/14.

      Revision of the regulation policy which will outline the steps for reporting will begin on Friday, September 26th. Until regulation is revised, employees can report cases to Employee Relations in person. Employee Relations is located on the first floor of the HMW Administration Building across from the Human Resources Department.

  2. Diana Diaz

    Speak out! Get a group of employees from your site and speak out! A group of us teachers and school personnel spoke to HISD board members for 3 consecutive meetings. We also got the support of LULAC who helped us tremendously!

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