Chávez HS to participate in ‘transformational’ UDL project with Region 4

Chávez High School has been selected to participate in the UDL: Transforming High School Learning Environments (UDL:THSLE) project this year—and it is the only school chosen from the seven county area that makes up Region 4 to do so.

“Your application reflected the level of excitement, planning, vision, dedication of resources, and commitment that we believe is necessary for a successful collaborative partnership,” wrote Dr. Kirsten Omelan, an education specialist with the Department of Special Education Solutions and a project manager with Building Inclusive Schools Initiative. “We look forward to working closely with the faculty, staff, and students of Cesar E. Chávez High School and Houston ISD to support the transformation of teaching and learning.”

The THSLE project is a partnership between Region 4, national UDL facilitators, and a high school campus serving students in grades 9–12, and is designed to provide guidance for applying the UDL framework to instructional practices.

“At Chávez HS, we have already embraced many of the concepts of UDL,” explained Principal René Sanchez. “And each of the 10 lead teachers enthusiastically accepted the charge to support UDL implementation on campus.” One teacher, he noted, was so excited about the prospect that he rewrote his entire curriculum to make it more accessible.

“Now,” said Sánchez, “we have students who have been in a resource classroom setting their entire educational career who are now in a regular classroom with two teachers, 30 students, and the expectation to pass a regular state test rather than a modified test for graduation.”