The creative side of technology: Chevron program fuels Clifton MS STEM education

Imagination, creativity, problem-solving, and technology joined forces at Clifton Middle School with a generous donation from Chevron and its Fuel Your School program. Chevron donated MaKey MaKeys to Clifton MS and teacher Jawad Tahiri’s engineering and technology classes.

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“At Clifton, we believe that at this age, they should be totally fluent in the language of technology, so we put cutting-edge…latest technology in their hands,” said Tahiri.

MaKey MaKeys are miniature circuit boards that can turn objects into touchpads. With the MaKey MaKeys the students can use their creativity and problem-solving skills to make something that didn’t exist before.

“We need to challenge the students to take that technology and expand their thinking,” added Tahiri.

The Fuel Your School program will fund eligible school projects in the Houston area from Oct. 2 through Nov. 30 and is part of Chevron’s Energy for Learning initiative.

“We really want to focus on STEM — Science, Technology, Engineering and Math — that’s going to be the gateway for the future,” said Chevron’s Karen Rawles. “Houston is a mecca with the oil and gas industry, with the medical industry, and it’s imperative that we make sure our students are equipped to pursue careers in those fields and represent Houston and grow the economy.”

With this kind of innovative, experiential learning, students learn they can literally change the world, even if in a small way.

“Being in the STEM program at Clifton Middle School is exciting,” said student Ronald Poole. “Every day I come into this classroom there is something new and exciting for us to do.”