District’s digital initiatives garnering more national recognition

HISD has already been recognized twice in 2014 (once in April and again in June) for its efforts to transform teaching and learning through the PowerUp initiative. Now, those efforts are getting even more attention on the national stage, with both HISD and its CIO being named recipients of additional awards.

Chief Information Officer Lenny Schad has been named one of the “top 30 technologists, transformers, and trailblazers” for 2014 (read his profile on p. 18 of this related .pdf; large file) by the Center for Digital Education, and the district as a whole was named one of the country’s “top ten” by The Learning Counsel (TLC), based on the results of its 2014 Digital Curriculum Survey. Specifically, HISD won the first-place prize in the urban school districts category for its efforts to transition from print to digital curricula.

“Making the transition from traditional curriculum and content materials to those in digital form is a complex undertaking that impacts the school district in a manner unlike any other shift in education,” wrote TLC’s Vice President of School Relations and Consulting David Kafitz Jr., in a congratulatory letter to HISD Superintendent of Schools Terry Grier. “Attempting this work takes vision and leadership from the district in order to execute a positive and beneficial change.”

The district will be formally recognized with the award at a conference in New Orleans in early November.