Read Houston Read volunteers begin working with students

Volunteers in HISD’s Read Houston Read initiative have met the students they’ll be working with this school year and are beginning the journey of helping children develop a love for reading.

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“I come once a week, every Monday, to read to two special little boys,” said Kimberly Thompson, who volunteers at Sutton ES. “When someone from the outside comes in and reads to these children, they just feel special. When you feel special, you are more open to every experience that comes your way.”

Thompson, and over 400 other volunteers who have signed up for Read Houston Read, give a half-hour to an hour of their time each week at a first-grade classroom reading to a child or children, listening to them read, and reinforcing the progress teachers are making in the classroom.

“The program has really impacted our students and their motivation for reading,” said Martha Molina, an instructional specialist at Sutton ES. “Motivation is a key in reading. You read what’s interesting to you. If the student feels happy reading, and interested and engaged, they will want to read.”

HISD still needs more volunteers for Read Houston Read, which includes an in-person volunteer program at 40 elementary schools and a virtual program at 15 other campuses. To see a list of participating schools and to sign up to be a volunteer, visit