Planning and design for 2012 bond schools in final groups is ahead of schedule

HISD’s project teams are moving forward ahead of schedule with the planning and design of 21st century campuses in the last two groups of schools being renovated or rebuilt under the 2012 bond program.

As part of the process, Project Advisory Teams (PATs) made up of teachers, parents, students, community representatives, architects and staff, have been formed at each school and have begun meeting monthly. This puts Group 3 schools about six months ahead and Group 4 schools about 12 months ahead of schedule.

“It’s great that we are at a point where we can get going on the designs earlier than anticipated,” said Sue Robertson, HISD general manager of facilities planning. “It gives us more flexibility down the road when putting together the construction schedule and allows extra time for community input.”

Each PAT has held at least one initial meeting and will begin by adopting a set of guiding principles that they can refer back to when making design decisions.

“Our school has a rich history, so our guiding principles will ensure we honor our past and our traditions in the new design, yet still capture the feel and functionality of a 21st century learning environment,” said Delesa O’Dell-Thomas, PAT member and principal of Young Women’s College Preparatory Academy.

PATs are briefed on the budget, schedule and general scope of work and will review educational specifications, drawings and work schedules. They also will work with the architect and design and construction teams as well as participate in community meetings throughout the design process – which may last up to 24 months.

HISD is committed to achieving quality work that meets the district’s standards of excellence by completing construction projects on time and within budget. The use of PATs has been an effective way to ensure that site-specific program needs are addressed and incorporated into each project.

Group 3 Schools include: Askew ES, Jordan HS, Sam Houston MSTC, Young Women’s College Prep. Group 4 schools are: Austin HS, Garden Oaks K-8, Kashmere HS, Madison HS, Pilgrim K-8, Scarborough HS, Sharpstown International, Westbury HS, Wharton Dual Language K-8, and Wilson K-8.