Education Rainbow Challenge shows students the excitement of science and math

More than 500 students participate in annual event to boost their interest in STEM subjects, careers

Mathematics and science can be fun! Just ask any one of 500-plus students who participated in the Education Rainbow Challenge at Reagan High School on Saturday, Nov. 15. As part of HISD’s efforts to strengthen students’ skills in the areas of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM), more than 500 students competed in two mathematics challenges and participated in science experiments at the annual event.

Students in grades 3-5 from 36 different schools showed off their mathematical abilities. The first competition was a test of students’ individual knowledge. The second was a problem-solving contest for teams. The students also indulged their scientific curiosity with experiments in chemistry and physics.

“They actually get hands-on learning about science, and the fun and connections to the real world,” said Nalsy Perez, manager for Elementary Math Development.

Parents also had learning opportunities while they waited for their children. Presentations throughout the event provided information about helping children to be the best learners possible.

Math and science, as well as technology and engineering, are in-demand skills for this generation, and the Rainbow Challenge is just the kind of experience that helps students get excited about learning more.

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