NHECHS video highlights design plans for new campus

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In a new video just published by HISD, Project Advisory Team members for North Houston Early College High School discuss the design plans and features of the school’s new 21st century campus.

“The current campus right now is a T-building campus and they’ve kind of been dealing with what they were given. We want them now to find a place that they’re proud to call home,” said Daniel Ortiz, Project Manager with RdlR Architects.

NHECHS is one of five early college campuses in HISD that offers students the ability to take advanced college-level courses and earn college credits, tuition-free, which will transfer to any four-year college or university.

“What’s unique about North Houston Early College High School is students that have the opportunity to earn not just the high school diploma, but the associate’s degree,” said Angela Lundy-Jackson, NHECHS principal.

The new three-story, $13.5 million facility is part of the district’s 2012 bond program to rebuild or renovate 40 schools in the district. It will feature three state-of-the-art science labs, flexible learning centers, small break-out areas and a living room-style dining commons.

Pre-construction began earlier this year to install utilities in the right-of-way and across the campus. Full construction is expected to get underway in early 2015.

“The school’s going to be colorful, it’s going to be fun, in an inviting area and a place where students really are going to enjoy learning,” Ortiz said

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