Teachers can now use the HUB ‘Library’

As part of HISD’s transition to digital teaching and learning, the PowerUp:HUB is playing an increasingly central role. One key feature of the online teaching and learning platform is the HUB Library, which is designed to hold a comprehensive collection of “learning objects” for use as part of the teaching and learning process. Learning objects in the HUB Library can be anything from adopted instructional materials (i.e., HISD’s adopted digital textbooks) to activities and resources that teachers create and share. One unique feature of learning objects in the HUB Library is that they can be tagged with standards and keywords that allow teachers to search for just the resource they need.

As HISD adopts new instructional materials, the district is requiring publishers to provide materials in a form that allows the district to load them into the HUB Library. Currently, math and science materials from Houghton Mifflin Harcourt’s (HMH) digital textbooks have been successfully loaded into the HUB Library and are available to all HISD teachers. In the weeks ahead, teachers can expect to see additional materials from district textbook providers in the HUB Library as well. Teachers can click here to learn how to search the HUB Library.