HISD Transportation featured in video for green fleet training program

HISD’s Transportation department was recently featured in a YouTube video for two of its driver training programs and transportation efficiency.

The video, sponsored by IC Bus and Route Magazine, highlights the school district’s Greening the School Bus Fleet program and its usage of propane-powered buses and a fueling station. About 90 percent of HISD’s buses are now biodiesel and 10 percent propane, and all district buses have been converted from diesel to biodiesel—almost 75 percent cleaner than diesel and developed from renewable sources.

The video also recognizes the implementation of HISD’s Safety and Security School Bus Training program aimed to ensure the safety of students and drivers on its buses. In-house safety trainers are taught American Red Cross First Aid and CPR and took courses in crisis prevention to train over 1,000 school bus drivers and attendants.

“Some of the things that the drivers learn is slowing down at a green light and making sure that they anticipate the flow of traffic as they go through the intersection,” said Byron Williams, HISD training support manager. “It gives [drivers] more for the gas mileage, increases the ability to drive safer and allows them to use less gas.”

HISD Transportation is the recipient of a 2014 Green Fleet  Award. Each day, HISD school buses travel 80,000 miles and transports 31,000 students across the district.

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